Natasha Humera Ejaz – Khwab

With the release of Khwab, Natasha’s three fourths of the way to the complete release of her EP Till the End of Time. 


Many of us were introduced to Natasha through her appearance on Uth Records:


Though on Uth Records we learnt as much from the song as we did from the behind the scenes footage. The Uth Records song wasn’t a performance as much as it was a construction. This is not to meant to be a slight, but an observation of the essence of the recording itself. Natasha’s singing, apt to the melody, is mellow. She fronts the song but is almost an accessory to the song.

You realize when you see this that this song is made by people who think music is bigger than the people in it, that individual performances must show deference to the idea of the song itself. That the art is bigger than the person. So you may come out of the song thinking of Natasha as an artist, but you don’t come out of the song thinking of Natasha as a performer.

But it was obvious to everyone close to her then that if there was one thing that Natasha was, it was a performer. She sings, she dances, she acts, it was almost as if she needed a reason to be on stage. And yet here she was in 2011, providing calming vocals while she studied audio engineering. It’s almost amusing.

If you need proof that Natasha’s friends are right, look at this:


I would imagine that people who know Natasha well are just waiting for everybody else to figure out what they know to be true. That they are in the midst of something special.

This EP takes us towards that realization.

The three songs released so far share a spiritual leaning with The Right Way to Fall (her song from Uth Records). But they are more open emotionally,  more real almost in what they are trying to say.

The lyrics are more vulnerable. The music more touching. The band quite stellar. But the video is an homage to Natasha the performer. It is time that we give Natasha’s friends some company in the ‘we-get-it’ section of the audience.

But despite it all, Natasha the performer never becomes bigger than the song. The song has a definite climax – everything moves towards it, yet even when you are there you don’t ever think of Natasha being in your face unless you really look for it. The vocal reaches an impressive crescendo, but everything about the production means that the vocal crescendo doesn’t take over the song.

The analogy here is to guitar players who solo all the time, because they can. The best guitar players only solo when the song demands it. Natasha can solo, you can tell from this song. But even when she gets the song to the point where she can take all the limelight, she doesn’t. The production doesn’t do that because there’s no need to (this is perhaps as much a testament to Natasha as to Omran Shafique the producer). That’s why Natasha the performer is special, because she only shows up when it’ll mean something. Nobody likes a guitarist that’s always shredding.

Zahra Salahuddin had a great chat with Natasha alongside the release of her new video:

Images: How is ‘Khwab’ different from your other music videos?

Natasha: I think I’ve grown a lot in the last three years, so everything that I did prior to this has been really cute and adorable, according to most people. This one is darker, has a little more spunk to it. There’s absolutely nothing other than dance being explored in it, so that’s really interesting.

Totally worth the full read. But that passage in particular, gives a glimpse as to what’s happening. It seems inevitable that there will be a watershed moment, a point where this music goes beyond circles in Karachi into other cities, into the diaspora, everywhere else music from Karachi is supposed to go. The question then, the really interesting one, is how it’ll happen. What is the one moment that changes it all, the moment where we finally all see it.

For Junoon it was Inquilaab, for Ali Zafar it was Channo, for Poor Rich Boy Fair Weather Friend. I don’t know that we’re at that watershed yet, but I know we’re getting there. Because of what Natasha describes: her own growth alongside increased awareness from the audience. At some point the two lines will cross, and that will be when all the hipsters will cry that they found her first. For the moment they can enjoy themselves.

Riffat Rashid Talks to Mooroo

Mooroo – who is not popularly known by his real name, Taimoor Salahuddin – is no ordinary guy

I did not need to be told that last bit. I did not however, know his real name.

Mooroo was also very kind to us:

What’s your take on Patari? Do you think it can be a game-changer for the current Pakistani music scene?

I’m very hopeful about it. I don’t want to bash other services but all of the services that came before Patari were so hard for me to use. They would continuously ask me to upload my songs on my own. Patari didn’t ask me to do anything. I just went there when it was in beta. They had my collection there and it was easy to operate. The whole thing gave the look and feel of a global website.

So far I have had a very fluid experience with Patari. I haven’t made any money out of it but I’m hopeful that I will be able to. They seem to have a good business policy.

We are extremely appreciative of Mooroo, and we hope he makes many $$$. We’ll try our best.

The full article has a lot more on Mooroo, and makes you realize that it is easy to underestimate how prolific he is.


15th Haftanama Patari!

haftanamapatari_week2-01 resized

Marvluss Shaheens aur Pataristaniyo!

Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri,
Patari har phone main ho, oh Khudaya meri!

Abhi Iqbal Day guzra hai, jiss pe pehle to pura hafta laga ye sochnay mein ke chutti hai ke nahi. Hamari qaum ke mushkil tareen masayel, Mashallah. Khair, in our mental way, we’re celebrating Allama sahb aur Iqbal kehte hain:

Nahin tera nasheman Qasr-e-Sultani ke gunbad par,
Tu shaheen hai, basera kar Patari ke homepage par…

Kyun ke wahan meri puri playlist hai. Shehnshah Nusrat ki awaz mein ‘Shikwa’
sunna chahein ya Tina Sani jee ki awaz mein, sab dastyab hai.

… Aur phir, kya haal hain? Mazay mein? Thand lag rahi hai? Warzish kero. Nahi kertay? To shuro kero. Kyun ke shair-e-mashriq ne kaha hai ke…

Tu shaheen hai, Patari hai teray paas, 
Tere samne benchpress aur bhi hain.

Ab to hamaray paas akheer tareen warzish wali playlists hain. Chahay aap dolay bananay (Gym Playlist) ke chakkar main hon ya bhaag dorr (Running)
ke ya sirf walk shalk ke (Instrumentals) – ek dum fusst time Pakistani gano ki workout playlists! (Apnay gym walon se kahain ke Taylor Swift sunn ke workout nahi hota).Hamaray ek fan kehtay hain:
Music jo Patari mein na ho, wo music hi nahi,
Haftanama na ho jis mein, to wo music app hi nahi.
(acha wo exactly ye nahi keh rahay thay but unn ka matlab yehi tha).

Iss liye ab ham Haftanama mein aur bohat kuch add ker rahay hain. Jin hazraat ko saqeel Urdu samajhnay mein dikkat hoti hai unn ke liye Patari Translate aur Patari Tashreeh. Jinn ka music aur behind the scenes ka chaska ab nahi pura hota, unn ke liye Patari Theetay.

Ho jao hosheyaar, hifazti bandh baandh lo, Patari Haftanama Parwaaz 2.0 aap ke aas paas mein parwaaz ke liye tayar hai!

Disclaimer: Rooh-e-Iqbal se maazrat ke saath, chutti na honay ka nazla ham per na utarein please.


Top 10 Indie Artists

The best and the brightest in our indie scene. 

Abdullah Qureshi
The Tamashbeens
E Sharp
The Sketches
Ali Suhail
Asfand Yar Wahid


New Playlist!


GymChak De Phattay!

New Playlist!


Iqbal DayTu Shaheen Hai.

New Track!


Dosti (HMJ OST) – Zeb Bangash.

New Playlist!



New Playlist!


RunningThe World Under Your Feet.

New Track!


Tum Mere Ho (Unplugged)Saleem Javed Ft. Aamir Zaki.

New Track!


Maan (OST)Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

New Track!


Nayi SubhaVAKNA.

New Track – Iqbal Day Special!


Urnay Do 16-A.



Until the next Haftanama – dhayr sara pyaar,

Team Patari.

14th Haftanama Patari!

haftanamapatari_week4-02 resized

Aray, Pataristaniyo!

Jiggars, Moharram ki break (aur breakup) ke baad, we are the backs!
Socho ager Wasim Akram, Waqas Younis, Yasir Shah, Mohammad Amir aur Saqlain Mushtaq iss waqt UAE test khail rahay hotay? I mean… maar dalaaa!​

Bus aik aisa hi lineup hai aaj hamaray pass. Atif Aslam, Tina Sani, Asrar, Zeb Bangash, Mai Dhai aur Farid Ayaz. Ho Mann Jahaan ka OST aa gaya hai aur cha gaya hai. Ho Jamalo scene awn (abhi to hum ne Ho Mann Jahaan ki cast nahi mention ki verna aap ka inbox bhi jhoom jata)!

Hamara pyara Haftanama bhi ab Mashallah se 3 maheenay ka ho gaya hai (Allah nazr-e-bad say bachaye). Ainda chand dino mein music ki taleem-o-tarbiyat se le ke aap ki jawani tak ke masayel ka hull iss mein ho ga. Stay tuned for the updated version!


October Top 20 

October ke maheenay ki shandaar peshkash. 

1947 – Noori
Hoshiyar – Noori
Pinjra – Noori
Hey Ya – Noori
Mujhay Roko – Noori
Sarfarosh – Noori
Aik Tha Badshah – Noori
Kedaar – Noori
Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal – Noori
Aaj Jane Ki Zidd (Farida Khanum) – Coke Studio 8
Armaan (Siege & Alycia Dias) – Coke Studio 8
Khalis Makhan (Bakhshi Brothers) – Coke Studio 8
Ajj Din Verhe Wich (Ali Zafar) – Coke Studio 8
Inko Na Roke Koi – Ali Aftab Saeed
Tajdar-e-Haram (Atif Aslam) – Coke Studio 8
Sammi Meri Waar (Quratulain Baloch & Umair Jaswal) – Coke Studio 8
Umran Langiyaan (Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat) – Coke Studio 8
Manwa Re – Noori
Bandook (Original Mix) – SomeWhatSuper
Ae Dil (Ali Zafar & Sara Haider) – Coke Studio 8


Patari Exclusive!


Ho Mann Jahaan – Complete OST.

Patari Exclusive!


Dil Kare (HMJ)  – Atif Aslam.

Patari Exclusive!


Khush Piya (HMJ) – Tina Sani.

Patari Exclusive!


Down With Silence – Keeray Makoray.

Patari Exclusive!


Long Long Way – Billy X.

New Track!


Saza Do  – Exit 57.

New Track!

These Are Our Sins  – Kolachi Nihilism Syndicate

New Playlist!


Coke Studio vs Originals  – Who Sang It Best?

New Album!

Taqdeer  – Sibte Hassan. 


unnamed Until the next Haftanama – dhayr sara pyaar,

Team Patari.

What is Bumbu Sauce?

Patari employees argue over many things – Why do certain people insist on inserting spaces before punctuation? Is Pinjra Sufi Rock? Why do bands break up? What color is our logo? How is Aja Re possibly in the top charts?

If you look really really hard in these discussions there is sometimes something useful said about music. Coupled with our collective sadness over the demise of publications such as Bandbaja and Koolmuzone, this led us to want to put together a collection of the best things said about Pakistani music. This is our attempt to give back – we’d love your feedback.

To start with, we relive the momentary euphoria that was Bumbu Sauce. Bumbu Sauce emerged in late 2010 with a handful of expertly-packaged punk songs that soon gathered a cultish Twitter following.

It’s not easy to trace Bumbu Sauce’s lineage in Pakistani pop. Instead their significance was Pakistani appropriation of a traditional rock sound. Similar to how eP drew on Tool, and Junoon on Zeppelin, Bumbu Sauce found their cultural roots in late 70s Punk. As such the band has described their music as Punkjabi, but we like this description a little bit more:


Bumbu Sauce’s entrance to the scene in late 2010 was an exercise in PR genius. Jiggernaut, alternatively titled The Taliban Song, caught the eyes of The New York Times & The Guardian when it was released as the first single. It was almost too-easy to fit into the Pakistani-youth-fights-Taliban-with-rock narrative, but we reckon the band saw it coming and used it to their advantage. This gave the band a much-coveted international route to local fame, which remains second only to censorship by the Pakistani government in efficacy of raising local pop acts to stardom.

Bistee Proof

Their first, and to date only EP, Bistee Proof, is a mish-mash of pop-culture references, punk riffs, and general Punjabi in-your-faceness. Perhaps the strangest thing about Bumbu Sauce is their seeming lack of musical lineage to any pop bands that came before or after them. To this day their songs exist in a little bubble of Bumbu. The aesthetics of Punk – simple sound and complex rebellion – exist spiritually in other Pakistani pop. But never was the texture of the sound this close to 70s British Punk. Perhaps as a result, Bistee Proof is accompanied by a certain wave of nostalgia that one associates with an era that is no longer within reach.

But five years on, this EP is still pretty Bumbu.

Ho Mann Jahaan – OST Release

Arguably the biggest soundtrack release in recent years is now live on Patari.

Ho Mann Jahaan is a coming of age tale that hits theatres January 1, 2016 with a cast equally abundant with rising stars and veterans of yore. The soundtrack is no different. With hits from Jimmy Khan, Zeb Bangash, Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad, Atif Aslam, Zoheb Hassan, Tina Sani, the Mai Dhai Band, Asrar & Gumby, this one should keep you going until the movie comes out.

Like it too much? Share easily by clicking (you guessed it) ‘Share’. Then simply copy and paste the link, or if you want to make things fancy, just copy paste the embed-code from the Share menu into your own web page or blog post. Instant streaming, instant dhamaka. Chamatkaar.

Check it:

13th Haftanama Patari


Salam Arz Hai, Pataristaniyo!

Adaab! Is haftay k khabar-namay ki shah-surkhi: Intehai jidd-o-juhad** kay baad, paish-e-khidmat hay Noori Ki Nayi Album – Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh.

Hamari numainda-e-khasoosi Kitty k mutabiq awam ka aik jamm-e-ghafeer Lahore, Karachi aur Islamabad ki album launch per maujood tha aur apnay dus saal kay intezaar ka badla Noori say album sign aur sath dus selfian lay k utara.

Jo awaam album launch per nahi phunch saki us nay is weekend per Patari ko bhi itna pyaar dia kay yay hamari tareekh ka sub say busy din rha. Highest plays, completions, shares and favorites. Maa sadqay!

**Is album nay awam ka sirf sabar ka imtehaan dus saal lia, laiken album launch say 5 ghantay pehlay, Patari ki team ka her cheez ka imtehaan lia. 2 mumalik, 5 afraad ki 8 koshishoon kay baad yay album upload hoi aur completiton per kitty kay khushi kay ansoo nahi ruk rhay thay.

Bakia Khabar-nama break kay baad.
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)

Patari kitty k fans, at the Noori Album Launch.

Break say wapis atay hain…

With noori coming back after 10 years, we decided to celebrate it in proper Patari manner: nayee naweli album to hai he, per saath hamari 2 aur peshaksh hain: a playlist featuring the best of noori and another dedicated to an era where they really were badshahs.

Iss ke ilawa we have some pretty exciting stuff to offer you guys – Spoonful have a new track (that bluesy-jazz number is a must listen), Shorbanoor has a new EP (exclusively for Patari of course!) and Positive also graced us with an exclusive track. Young Stunners, Nabeel Nihal Project and Dissbelief all have new tracks – do your ears a favor and go check these out FORUN!

Haftawaar Yaad Dehaani
iOS and Android apps download kerian, jahan dil chahay mooziq say luft andooz hoyn!

Coke Studio 8 – Top 10

Awaam kay pasandeeda aur epic-tareen from Coke Studio 8 – Top 10

Sakal Ban – Rizwan & Muazzam
Ae Dil – Ali Zafar & Sara Haider
Rockstar – Ali Zafar
Sammi Meri Waar – Quratulain Baloch & Umair Jaswal
Tajdar-e-Haram – Atif Aslam
Sohni Dharti – Promo
Hina Ki Khushbu – Samra Khan & Asim Azhar
Man Aamadeh Am – Gul Panra & Atif Aslam
Chiryan Da Chamba – Suraiya Khanum & Anwar Maqsood
Bewajah – Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Patari Exclusive!


Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh – Noori
Featured Track!

Zindagi Ka Jhag – Spoonful
Patari Exclusive!

Sulphur Man – Shorbanoor
Patari Exclusive!

Jo Hee Ahyan (Live) – Positive
New Track!

Outta Control – Young Stunners
New Playlist!

Best of Noori – Noori kay Khaas-ul-Khaas
New Track!

Shaam – Nabeel Nihal Project
New Playlist!

Re-living the Era – Kahan Gaye Wo Din
Featured Track!

Land of Pure – DissBelief



Until the next Haftanama – dhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.
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Noori – Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh

Ladies and gentlemen,

We give you Noori’s ‘Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh’:

Six months ago, we launched a product held together by scotch tape and spit, expecting little. Then, magic happened. All of you guys happened. You built Patari with us and today, ‪#‎BGBS‬ is Noori’s third album in a decade, and the conclusion of what started as a trilogy of albums. SKMHJ was coming of age, Peeli Patti was an anthem of angst, BGBS is introspection. It’s realization. It’s the darkest, moodiest, grittiest album they have written, with serious socio-political connotations. It’s a commentary on our country, it’s a story of who we are, it’s OUR story.

That we stand here today is because of you. Because of all of you amazing, phenomenal people who made this happen. So, get your headphones or DJ Butt walay speaker (depending on the seriousness of your audiophile tendencies) and rock out to the force of wonder that is #noori. #BGBS ‪#‎PatariExclusives‬ ‪#‎NayaMaal‬

12th Haftanama Patari!

haftanamapatari-01 resized

Salam Arz Hai, Pataristaniyo!

Shuro kartay hain Rab ke shukar se, jis ne iss duniya mein itna hussn dala hai. We’re talking about the LUX Style Awards, ke jis ko dekhtay huay hum apnay bosses say pooch rahay thay “Saab, ye aurat hay ya pari?” **

Coke Studio 8 ek intehai shandaar performance ke sath khatam shud ho gaya hai. Farida Ji ki gulab jaman awaz aur Ali Zafar ki ras malai shakal, dono ne chaar kya, hazaar chaand laga diye. Proof is on our homepage.

** Agar aap ne ye reference boojh liya to humein @patarimusic per tweet kerain aur payn hamari “how em’ looking” kitty ke saath ek dilkash selfie (sahi jawab per number bhi mil sakta hai).


Aji Suniye App!


Noori’s most anticipated album of the decade “Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh” is coming out this week, exclusively on Patari! Noori is holding 3 meet and greet shows starting on:

9th Oct – Lahore at Fortress Square from 6 pm to 10 pm.
10th Oct – Karachi at Ocean Mall from 5 pm to 10 pm.
11th Oct – Islamabad at Safa Gold Mall from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Aji Boliye App!

Arz kia hai:
Dabbay mein dabba, dabbay mein map
Kholo aur download karo Patari ki app!
Iss se pehle ke humein sab se chittar parein for that epicly lame copy, hum ijazat letay hain. Map is pointing you here btw: iOS and Android!

September Top 10 

This list will wake you up. ‘Cause September has ended.

Ae Dil (Ali Zafar & Sara Haider) – Coke Studio 8
Ab Khel Ke Dikha (PSLT 20) – Ali Zafar
Hina Ki Khushbu (Samra Khan & Asim Azhar) – Coke Studio 8
Tamasha – Khumariyaan
Aja Re – Karachi Se Lahore OST
Man Aamadeh Am (Gul Panra & Atif Aslam) – Coke Studio 8
Sammi Meri Waar (QB & Umair Jaswal) – Coke Studio 8
Rangeela (Ali Azmat) – Coke Studio 8
Tajdar-e-Haram (Atif Aslam) – Coke Studio 8
Umran Langiyaan (Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat) – Coke Studio 8
New Track!

Aaj Jane Ki Zidd – Farida Khanum (CS8)

A voice that is foundational to this country’s sense of self, a song which captures the defining features of this society. An absolutely momentous coming together of two giants of Pakistani music for the finale of an epic season of Coke Studio.

New Album!3bcd8e6e-d957-4110-94bf-ae37fe165c70Episode 7– Coke Studio 8.

Supplementing Farida Ji in the final episode of the season are the cult band Malang Party; an aik dum mast duet of the sunehri Alycia Dias with the unstoppable Siege and of course, the star of this season, Ali Zafar.

Featured Track!Sahib Mera – The Sketches.

Rooh Afza uss laal sharbat ka nahi, Saif Samejo ki awaz ka naam hona chahiye. Mulahiza farmaiye, Sketches ka ek aur haseen gaana jo Sindhu per ek kashti se aap ki Patari tak lehro pe jhoomta hua aa raha hai…

New Track!There Is No Mystery – Hasan Abbas.

This guitar riff is from another more peaceful planet. We don’t know how to get there, but this tune can hypnotize you into seeing it. Sit back, relax, let it come to you.


New Track!
Happy SoberJehangir Aziz.


A song that harks to the pop-rock sensibilities of the likes of Green Day, Jehangir Aziz’s song is full of caramel riffs and lyrics made for loud singing in the shower.


New Track!

Kyun Iss TarahNauman Shafi.


Uljha hua dil, tarpanay wali yaadein aur yeh haseen gaana. Nauman Shafi’s dulcet voice is backed by a marvelously melancholic, violin-driven composition in a song that is made for that first chaandni raat after your breakup.


New Track!
Inko Na Rokay Koi – Ali Aftab Saeed.


Few people can carry the spectrum of emotions that Ali Aftab’s songs carry – from savagely witty lyrics to heartfelt pleas for a better future, this Patari favorite can do it all with a wink and a shrug. This song, released on World Peace Day, is a call for aman-amaan across the Indo-Pak border, aur itni khoobsurat awaz hai keh is ko koi nahi rok sakta.


Featured Track! Nehar – Billy X Ft. Moeez


One of Pakistani music’s biggest stars these days, there are few who can match the NOS-fueled charisma of this rapper. Nehar carries both the imprint of Madam Noor Jehan, as well as Jaan Rambo’s cover from a classic PTV show, yet Billy X effortlessly makes this very much his own dhoom-dhamaka version.


New Track!
 To Phir Aao (Remix)Asad Gujral.


Ek to pehle se hi superhit gana, uss ke upar Gujral sahab ka goli-taaping, botal-popping remix – TABAHI! Agli dafa jab aap ki farmhouse/beachhouse party ka scene down honay lagay to yeh gana lagayein aur iski masti ko jungle mei aag ki tarah phelte huay dekhen!


Until the next Haftanama – dhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.
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11th Haftanama Patari!


Eid Mubarak, Pataristaniyo!

Behhh behhh beh. Gosht Mubarak to you too! Agar aap apnay gosht co(r)may se bahir aa gaye hain to buhat buhat mubarak ho. Well done! Moving on to our zaroori ailaan:
The most anticipated album of the decade, Noori’s ‘Begum Gul Bakowli Sarfarosh‘ (BGBS) will be released on 9th October, exclusively on Patari (hamari aur koi branch nahi). We’ll be doing podcasts about the album and releasing snippets this week. Tune in to listen to hamaray azeem Ustaad Ahmer Naqvi & Ustaad Khalid Bajwa. Ganoon ka intro karwayen ge aur kuch shurliyan chorein ge.


Aap Ne App Dekhi?

Arz kia hai:
Woh kaun thi, tamaam shehr jis ke music mein gum tha?
Wo Patari ki app thi aur wo App Store/ Play Store main rehti hai. Ye lo uss k number: iOS and Android! 😉

All Time Top 10 Tracks

Jitna pyaar aap apnay bakron se karte hain (thay) utna he inn tracks se bhi muhabbat ki:

Bandook (Original Mix) – SomeWhatSuper
Sakal Ban (Rizwan & Muazzam) – Coke Studio 8
Ae Dil (Ali Zafar & Sara Haider) – Coke Studio 8
Rockstar (Ali Zafar) – Coke Studio 8
Sammi Meri Waar (QB & Umair Jaswal) – Coke Studio 8
Aik Tha Badshah – Noori
Aja Re – Karachi Se Lahore OST
Sufi Medley – Abdullah Qureshi
Tajdar-e-Haram (Atif Aslam) – Coke Studio 8
Emptiness/Aitebar (Cover) – Abdullah Qureshi

New Album!

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani – Complete OST. 
Jawani ki maut pe jirga abhi tak baitha hai, magar party mahaul zinda hai. This soundtrack pays due homage to its spiritual ancestors from Bollywood. Dance-able beats, catchy choruses, some tongue-in-cheek humor, annoyingly good hooks, and a bright vocal collage. This soundtrack has it all.

New Playlist!

Gul Panara ki khoobsurat, aur hamara matlab hai intehai khoobsurat awaz se le ke Ali Sethi ki dard bhari awaz tak, Ali Zafar ke Rockstar aur Nabeel Shaukat ke Bewajah – The absolute best CS8 has to offer this season!

New Playlist!

Party sharty sab jaiz hai magar kabhi kabhar kaam bhi karna parta hai. Unn lamhon se ab mat dariye. Aap ke liye curators ki taazi peshkush: nayi Focus playlist. Smooth ambient se ibtida, electronic ka aik mast detour aur phir waapis apne wattan ki mitti par. This will freshen up any work day, warna paisay waapis.

New Track!

Suroor (Halla Gulla) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Afshan Fawad.
Afshan Fawad’s vocal is sweet, Rahat’s interlude triumphant. A mellow harmonium and nice supporting beat lift it all up. Classic filmi moseeqi.

New Track!

Dam Allah (Live)Positive.
Hefty Hyderabad Rock. This live recording revels in rhythm; the entire band seems to come together as one giant, mystical pulse. Definitely a band to continue following in the future.

New Track!

Karakoram (Live) – The D/A Method.
Hum aisa guitar kyun nahin baja saktay? If you’re going to suck it up for something, this song is worth it. You can hear a bit of Pink Floyd behind the meaty vocal. Pretty damn good prog-rock.

Featured Album!

Billi, Khamba Aur Urantashtari – Janoobi Khargosh.
One of our teammates had a very public fan-girl moment after this alt-rock album released. It was embarrassing, but he was right. The only thing that could have made this album more amazeballs was if it was recorded by actual rabbits. It is versatile, polished, iconic. Nobody’s really heard about it (which is just a whole other line of criticism about the modern world, don’t get us started), so you can still be hipster by becoming a fan girl. Because you should.

New Playlist!

Agar aap kaam aur party mein itna kho gaye thay ke hamari koi bakwaas aap tak nahin pohanchi, fikar not jigz! All the latest and greatest ready to go.

New Track!

Aitraz OSTFaraz Khosa Ft. Khadija Naz.
A classic TV serial soundtrack to the core. Lost love, tablas, yearning, multi-tracked vocals, even a flute. Fits right into your lazy afternoon.
Until the next Haftanama – dhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.
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