Oh Hot Boy!

Motor chalay pum pum, bhool jao saaray ghum as aa gaya hai Patari Haftanama.

Hum begin hotay hain kuch espeshul se aj. The week on Patari Podcasts we welcome back the Behanchara Diaries from Girls At Dhabas. The second episode features a conversation about the point of pointless loitering and how the pleasure and freedom of happenstance are essential rights women are deprived of when their spaces are structured and their interactions and mobility are controlled. Sunain because bohat zabardast guftugu hai.

The second chapter of Hadiqa Kiani’s Wajd “Bhit Ja Bhitai” is on Patari. It’s a beautiful take on a Sindhi folk song by Hadiqa in her gorgeous voice. Ek baat batatay chalain k this is Hadiqa’s first attempt on Sindhi language. Ho gaye na impress? Aur full video of Bhit Ja Bhitai is available here.

O idher ayein, yeh daikhain, E Sharp ki bhe new album is on Patari. The Kings of indie pop-rock, E Sharp have finally launched the Mother of all Albums “600 Saal; a trippy journey of three medieval men who find themselves in modern day Pakistan, seeking to help their friend find his long lost love. A marvelous journey of fantasy, music and lots of umdatareen music.

Aur akhir main ek dil tootz khabar kay hamari her-dil-azeez podcast “Understanding Pakistan” is going on a break after giving us a series of very interesting episodes about Pakistan’s history. Un ki last episode is about “Man of Steel“. Wo kon hai aur kis steel se bana hai, here’s a very obvious hint:

Nahi, hum abhi bhe yahan hain as Janoobi Khargosh also released their new single “Super Cat” from their upcoming album “Hum Saray Computer Hain”. The video of Super Cat will remind you of endless afternoons of nihayat hi boring PTV quiz shows.

Patari per is haftay kon kon see podcasts available hain? Is behtareen aur zabardast aur azeez tareen video per ja ker daikhain!

O bus ker do Patari team, kitna parhao gey? Ab next week as sanu hor we kum ay!

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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