Chalay Thay Saath Aur Shajie Ki Ek News

Dabbay main dabba, dabba main aari, lain phir se aa gaya, Haftanama Patari

Shuru kerte hain this week with the Patari exclusive release of  the highly anticipated “Chalay Thay Saath” OST. Jee haan, Chalay Thay Saath soundtrack invites you to believe in love. The soundtrack features new releases from Sikandar Ka Mandar, East Side Story, Zamad Baig and Behroze Sabzwar, and also features Bell and Mooroo. Aur Idher ayein, Patari also exclusively presents the music video for Bolo by Sikandar Ka Mandar. This is one of the best songs to come out of this year and has an absolutely gorgeous video. Daikhain aur share karain.

Kis gaanay nay machayi tabaahi on Patari last week? It’s Superman by E Sharp! Superman is the first single from their new album “600 Saal” which will be released on 21st April. Hamray pass Superman ki video bhe hai. Ap k pass kya hai? Ap kay pass Patari ka Facebook page hai. So jaaiye and watch Superman’s video

Khaas khabar yeh hai k we have found out a way to bring back your bae. Jee haan (again), Talha Nadeem’s new track Tanhais all you need to convince your janeman to come back. Bae maan jao na. Paari see bili bun k dikhao. *khekhekhe*

Aur akhir main eham baat. Shajie’s new track is releasing tomorrow exclusively on Patari. Mat bhooliye ga Patari per chakar lagana.

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Aj k liye itna he. By the way, we have shifted to a new office. Kabhi ayein na samosay lay kay.

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Team Patari.
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