Women’s Day Special!

Hello Khawateen O Khawateen as this Haftanama is especially for wimmens because Happy Women’s Day. Gentlemards ja k biryani banayein.

Khawateen, are you ready to tie that dupatta and reclaim public spaces online and offline? Join Girls At Dhaba as they break the glass ceiling with the first episode of their podcast #BehencharaDiaries. Listen as 4 women from 3 corners of Pakistan talk about Loitering and join in with your comments and suggestions! Join together to place a solid chapair on the face of patriarchy and negative element.

Iqbal keh gaye thay k Wimminz se hai tasveer-e-kainaat mein rang. Lehaza Patari Kitties ki taraf se dher sari puppiez and jhaphiez for all the women! Your strength, your support and your existence makes this world 100 times better and one day can’t do justice to you; so we decided to have a whole week dedicated to your magnificence. Check out our special Women’s Day section.

Aj kay liye itna he. Hum ab ap ka ser nahin balkay biryani khayein gey. Biryani main alu hoga k nahin? Janiye next week.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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