Girls At Dhabas & Cornetto Pop Rock

Life is not a bed of roses but one has to do rozi roti. Is wisdom k sath hum Qisa-e-Patari shuru kertay hain. Ajao tey cha jao.

Khawateen, are you ready to tie that dupatta and reclaim public spaces online and offline? Join Girls At Dhaba as they break the glass ceiling with the first episode of their podcast #BehencharaDiaries. Listen as 4 women from 3 corners of Pakistan talk about “Loitering” and join in with your comments and suggestions! Join together to place a solid chapair on the face of patriarchy and negative elements.

Patari per ronaq mela has started as Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 has arrived. Komal Rizvi nay chittay kuker ki shaan main “Yeh Kya Hua” gaya hai. Track tau track, video is simply brilliant as Komal ka raqs bohat dilfaraib hai. It’s a song for this year’s wedding season!

Patari has Guru Lahori’s new song “Woh” produced by Afraah Tafreeh Music and trust us, dhamal paa ditta boys nay! Zayada yeh woh na karain aur ja k forun sunain “Woh”.

O kithay? Sit down as we have a brilliant album “Elhaam” of Sounds Of Kolachi. It’s a collection of 8 brilliant tracks hitting different chords of mysticism and love.

If there is one song you need to listen and praise, it’s “Fiction” by Abdullah Siddiqui. He’s only 17 and his voice is behtareen. Produced by Foreversouth Music,  this is the song for peaceful and serene getaways.

Qisa khatam, paisa hazam. Before we leave, we would like to share a wisdom quote: “Bilawajha haarnay walay ko Lahore Qalandars kehtay hain.” Tata tey bye bye.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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