Hasan Abbas – Streams of Soan

Music has always had a cathartic value for me.

It has also served as an outlet to learn, experience and share my thoughts and feelings with the world. That said, I feel blessed that my evolution as a musician has always had a positive support amongst my family, friends and listeners who have helped me and inspired me as this evolution has continued.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Cover

With that, as times have changed and with the experience and perspective I have acquired, I have made a conscious and deliberate decision to refresh and reinvigorate my musical image.

With Streams of Soan (S.o.S), I hope to embark on a new journey as I prepare to release a new E.P and actively work with other musicians and a dedicated team to realize this new journey of my passion.

I hope you all are as excited as I am as a new chapter begins – stay tuned on Patari and Facebook for all upcoming updates about my music: Streams of Soan

[After getting his super secret agent cover blown, Hasan Abbas comes up with a new name: Streams of Soan! Here's a link to his previous work: http://patari.pk/home/artist/Hasan-Abbas]

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