Haftanama Patari

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle,
Khuda bande se pooche bata teri razaa kya hai.
We all know who Baba-e-Pakistan is. But another major player behind it all is the ‘spiritual father of Pakistan’ Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have the privilege of having halal meat of our choice today. Patari brings you an inspirational playlist this week, dedicated To Sir Muhammad Iqbal.
Extra! Extra! We have something new and something old for you this week. As the saying goes, third time’s the charm and we’re hoping that applies to Noori’s ‘Yeh Zindagi’ too. For our Co-VEN fans, enjoy The Best of Co-VEN in our awesome compilation. 
Seasons change, trends come and go but classic songs like Strings ‘Dhaani’ and ‘Duur’ never go out of style. Check out our new all exclusive Strings playlist! Update on our Drama OSTs playlist of all those songs that you can relate to while watching the series and have stuck in your head for the rest of the night.
Hot new RnB track by JOFU, the third in Forever South’s #Hotcues series: ‘Freed‘. Swag level tou up ho jaye ga boys and girls, but Pakistani parental advisory is needed or else brace yourself for  jootiyon ki barish with a background rap of galiyan by the ‘rents.
Also bringing you a weekly cosmos of elegant, funky, genre-defying sounds, one song at a time – check out Revultion by Tollcrane. Sometimes you need the beat to take you to another dimension when the voices in your head get too loud.

(Zyada deep honay ke liye maazrat).

Zara ghaur se suniye ga, aap ke liye pesh hai khushkhabri jis ko sun kar aap humein ‘aik pappi idhar aur aik pappi udhar’ zaroor daina chahein ge. Here at Patari, we’re all about equality. Karachi kids, our gig revolution started from Lahore and is now coming your way. Patari is proud to announce its collaboration with Red Vault: being the first of its kind in Pakistan, Red Vault aims to provide digital and physical space with state of the art musical equipments, live recordings and a house band for aspiring artists, musicians & change agents. 

The first gig is happening this weekend, on the 12th of November. Performing artist Alycia Dias needs no introduction: with so many drama OSTs, live performances and a Coke Studio appearance up her sleeve, she has already made a niche for herself. With super hit tracks like Dil-e-Muztar, Kankar, and a recently released single called ‘Sahara’ she keeps getting better and better. Since it’s the season of giving, we have a surprise for all Patari users who have the app in their phones. So come one, come all. The more the merrier!

For event details: Alycia Dias live at Red Vault. 

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Our homepage this week features:

Preacher – a new track by Poor Rich Boys
 Freed – JOFU.
Top New Drama OSTs.
 Best of Strings.
 Iqbal Day Playlist.

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  1. Please let me know how to reach you folks to present you our podcast to upload on patari. We are overseas Pakistanis and would talk about everything related to overseas , abcds, confuse desis, Pak media etc

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