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 Lambi saans le ke parhna shuro karein, iss bar ke Haftanama mein boht sari baatein karni hain aap se. This week, it’s strictly about music. We love Noori and it seems you do too, if our stats are anything to go by. Yeh Zindagi, due to popular demand is still on our homepage and going strong.

Bored with the old stuff? Our Top New Releases playlist has been updated for you, nazar daalein zara. The Film OSTs playlist caters to all our Lailas and Majnus, so if you’re sad or happy or somewhere in between, please go see a doctor and also listen to this playlist.

If you love Pakistani Rock, Co-VEN is the band for you with a mix of Eastern sensibilities and Western instrumentation: check out The Best of Co-VENEpisode 8 of Patari Picks is where we refine your taste in music with our gentle nudges. Jambro Sessions ka Vol. 1 aap ki khidmat mein haazir. Jambro’s compilation features some of the coolest jam masters from the city of Karachi and offers a great insight into the vibrant music community of Pakistan.

Janoobi Khargosh – Live at True Brew!IMG_1822

Lahore sirf dou cheezon ke liye mashhoor hai: ek khana aur doosra jalsay. Are you sick of being labelled fat or politically tedious or both? Gone are the days where you could Google or Facebook search your next target, sorry matlab prospective girlfriend or boyfriend on a jalsa. Gigs are the new it place to find love… Think of us as your very own cupids.

A huge shout out to all our jigars who joined us and True Brew Records on Friday and Saturday to attend Janoobi Khargosh‘s live performance. All those who missed out on making their weekend amazing, dil chota na karein, abhi tou shuruaat hui hai. For next time, stay tuned to our social media pages for more gig updates, let  your inner Lahori out, invite your friends and make every weekend fun. Okay? Okay.

Hotcues – Forever South

Patari’s doodh jalebi awesomeness just intensified as our favourite indie-electronic label Forever South launches their Hotcues series on Patari. An ode to the world class music being produced in Pakistan, Forever South is starting its #HotCues series with a roster of super talented, immensely cool musicians! Check out featured artist Tollcrane’s track here:Revultion.

Hotcues, Forever South.
Yeh Zindagi, Noori.
Top New Releases.
Top New Film OSTs.
Best of Co-VEN.
Reshma, Showcase South Asia.
Patari Picks, Ep. 8.
Jambro Sessions, Vol. 1.

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