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A room full of students, the CEO of an up and coming online music portal, and the best of Pakistani music in all its diversity, sheer brilliance and magic: Kinnaird College was kind enough to invite Khalid Bajwa to their Business Week for a talk, and fell in love with the music he shared from Patari. So for all you converts, if you’re new to Pakistani music and want to experience it in all its breathtaking glory, start with our Pakistani Music 101 playlist!

Thanday thanday mausam mein ice cream khanay ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai. Mix that with some amazing #PopRock songs and we get the party playlist of the season with Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1. We asked a bunch of desi Simon Cowells what they thought of the songs from Pop Rock’s two brilliant seasons. Check out the video here: Cornetto Pop Rock Reaction Video.

Mooroo’s Pehli is still the star of our Patari, sweeping away all the stats (most listened, most played, so much pyar, etc.). The complete OST of Dobara Phir Se and Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal –  an upcoming 2016 Pakistani action war film/historical film which explores Pakistan’s history, beginning from its independence in 1947 up to the present day – are also up. Not to toot our own Pakistani horn, but our cinema really has come a long way.

This week’s Patari Picks are featured on our homepage along with the latest in FXS’s #Hotcues series: With My – Block-2.

 Dhayr sara pyaar,
 Team Patari.
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