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Aaj hum ne jo kehna hai kehne dou, dil mein mat rakhnay dou. Moooroo’s new album ‘Pehli‘ is out and on our hompage! Hamara dil tou khushi ke aansu ro raha hai, and we’re sure you’re excited too. Our featured film OST this week is ‘Dobara Phir Se‘. All those girls and boys out there who are pondering whether to give love a second chance, maybe this is the answer to your question. But if it happens every time, phir samajh lein aap ki kismat mein ye nahi likha. Aap ke bus ki baat nahi. Aap manhoos– okay, you get it.

Noori is an unstoppable force: they’re releasing songs faster than the students running to submit assignments on deadline days. Do listen to their song with Sara Haider ‘Dil Ki Qasam‘ if you’re in need of some motivation. (Yeh gana kahan tha jab hum Patari launch kar rahay thay?). Shor tou koi bhi macha leta hai – hamarey siyasatdaano ko he dekh lein – but hamarey  Hotcues par give ‘Tartare‘ by TMPST a listen. This post dubstep, electronic beat is the latest in Forever South’s Hotcues series. Top New Releases tou must hain for this week as we bring to you taza, fresh and garma garam songs in this nimmi nimmi sardi ka mausum. More updates for our drama lovers: new songs have been updated on our Top New Drama OSTs playlist as always. Check out Shuja Haider’s Singles along with our All Time Top 30 charts. Calling all headbangers and metal lovers, Dionysus’s album is being featured on our homepage!

Save Offline!

Bohat roye, bohat tarpay, kaafi raula dala gaya, kuch aansu bahaye gaye, aur aakhir-kaar, mulahiza ho, SAVE OFFLINE FEATURE. Download the Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.centsol.csongs&hl=en

The offline mode for the iOS app is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/patari/id1011704215?mt=8 

Interested in poetry, prose and audiobooks? Keep a lookout for Thursdays on Patari – dedicated to podcasts only! 


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