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A room full of students, the CEO of an up and coming online music portal, and the best of Pakistani music in all its diversity, sheer brilliance and magic: Kinnaird College was kind enough to invite Khalid Bajwa to their Business Week for a talk, and fell in love with the music he shared from Patari. So for all you converts, if you’re new to Pakistani music and want to experience it in all its breathtaking glory, start with our Pakistani Music 101 playlist!

Thanday thanday mausam mein ice cream khanay ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai. Mix that with some amazing #PopRock songs and we get the party playlist of the season with Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1. We asked a bunch of desi Simon Cowells what they thought of the songs from Pop Rock’s two brilliant seasons. Check out the video here: Cornetto Pop Rock Reaction Video.

Mooroo’s Pehli is still the star of our Patari, sweeping away all the stats (most listened, most played, so much pyar, etc.). The complete OST of Dobara Phir Se and Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal –  an upcoming 2016 Pakistani action war film/historical film which explores Pakistan’s history, beginning from its independence in 1947 up to the present day – are also up. Not to toot our own Pakistani horn, but our cinema really has come a long way.

This week’s Patari Picks are featured on our homepage along with the latest in FXS’s #Hotcues series: With My – Block-2.

 Dhayr sara pyaar,
 Team Patari.
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Haftanama Patari

Aaj hum ne jo kehna hai kehne dou, dil mein mat rakhnay dou. Moooroo’s new album ‘Pehli‘ is out and on our hompage! Hamara dil tou khushi ke aansu ro raha hai, and we’re sure you’re excited too. Our featured film OST this week is ‘Dobara Phir Se‘. All those girls and boys out there who are pondering whether to give love a second chance, maybe this is the answer to your question. But if it happens every time, phir samajh lein aap ki kismat mein ye nahi likha. Aap ke bus ki baat nahi. Aap manhoos– okay, you get it.

Noori is an unstoppable force: they’re releasing songs faster than the students running to submit assignments on deadline days. Do listen to their song with Sara Haider ‘Dil Ki Qasam‘ if you’re in need of some motivation. (Yeh gana kahan tha jab hum Patari launch kar rahay thay?). Shor tou koi bhi macha leta hai – hamarey siyasatdaano ko he dekh lein – but hamarey  Hotcues par give ‘Tartare‘ by TMPST a listen. This post dubstep, electronic beat is the latest in Forever South’s Hotcues series. Top New Releases tou must hain for this week as we bring to you taza, fresh and garma garam songs in this nimmi nimmi sardi ka mausum. More updates for our drama lovers: new songs have been updated on our Top New Drama OSTs playlist as always. Check out Shuja Haider’s Singles along with our All Time Top 30 charts. Calling all headbangers and metal lovers, Dionysus’s album is being featured on our homepage!

Save Offline!

Bohat roye, bohat tarpay, kaafi raula dala gaya, kuch aansu bahaye gaye, aur aakhir-kaar, mulahiza ho, SAVE OFFLINE FEATURE. Download the Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.centsol.csongs&hl=en

The offline mode for the iOS app is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/patari/id1011704215?mt=8 

Interested in poetry, prose and audiobooks? Keep a lookout for Thursdays on Patari – dedicated to podcasts only! 


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The Podcast Culture

New age technology is all about making everything easier. Too tired to click a button? Here’s complete touch screen. Too tired to look for original Pakistani songs on Soundcloud? Here is Patari. Too tired to run after a girl with a boombox on your shoulders? Here’s tinder. Basically, if it doesn’t reduce human effort, it’s useless.

A while ago when electronic media was introduced, people were sure that newspapers would become obsolete, but defying all odds like Donald Trump, newspapers somehow made it through. The same was thought about books when audio-books were introduced, but just like Karan Johar’s movies; the hype was a mole disguised as a mountain. Did the audiobooks really fail, though?

Let’s go back to when the radio was the only entertainment in our lives. Be it ‘The King’s Speech’ or the announcement of the creation of a new country, people led their simple lives with the chatter of the radio in the background. TVs replaced radios like a news anchor changes his Twitter bio after changing the channel he works at. But the audio culture didn’t die. And soon, the internet introduced “podcasts”: digital audio files, available as a series. Gaining popularity in the world, Pakistani listeners were still not too keen on the idea. Patari Statistics are proof:

So, we decided to dedicate a day to podcasts only and experiment with a variety of things people can plug and play. Or in this case, click and play. What do people love to hear the most, we asked ourselves. The answers helped us make a petri dish of a collection of podcasts to see what sticks!

Patari’s main tile featured the legendary Zia Mohyeddin, who, apart from being a legendary artist, producer, director and broadcaster, also had a voice tuned by angels and the time to put it to good use. Bless him for recording the short stories of a number of famous Urdu writers and poets. His podcast was as enthusiastically welcomed as hot samosas at aftaar.

Ismat Chughtai needs no introduction: a fierce short story writer who could play the whole story on the screen of your mind.

Urdu Adab podcast aims to spread Urdu Adab to people who cannot read or write Urdu. It contains short stories which are meaningful, funny, romantic & sarcastic as well as some poetry and literature.

Next up was a podcast for the science geeks in us! Creation of the universe, cosmic reasoning, saari qayenaat aap ka scene on karanay ki sazish kesay karti hai and many other questions were discussed by Absar Taqvi in this Cosmology Podcast.

The MadArtCulture Podcast features a discussion on pop culture and everything that’s happening in the art scene. Providing 411 on all that’s hot, millenial podcast = check.

But what is a podcast that isn’t sassy, cut throat, informative but critical at the same time? Our homepage also featured The Padded Room’s take on the latest Hollywood movie Dr. Strange (spoiler alert!)

And Mahwash Ajaz’s review on the drama series Khuda Mera Bhi Hai (spoiler alert here too!)

Alea Rizvi’s Nostalgia does justice to its name and makes you feel all those feelings that you saved up in the treasure chest of your memories.

The page wrapped up with Podcast Shodcast, a weekly podcast revolving around Pakistani affairs and phenomena, run by users of /r/Pakistan on Reddit.

Covering (what we think) areas of everybody’s interests, we think we sorta kinda did a pretty good job. What do you think?

Haftanama Patari

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle,
Khuda bande se pooche bata teri razaa kya hai.
We all know who Baba-e-Pakistan is. But another major player behind it all is the ‘spiritual father of Pakistan’ Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have the privilege of having halal meat of our choice today. Patari brings you an inspirational playlist this week, dedicated To Sir Muhammad Iqbal.
Extra! Extra! We have something new and something old for you this week. As the saying goes, third time’s the charm and we’re hoping that applies to Noori’s ‘Yeh Zindagi’ too. For our Co-VEN fans, enjoy The Best of Co-VEN in our awesome compilation. 
Seasons change, trends come and go but classic songs like Strings ‘Dhaani’ and ‘Duur’ never go out of style. Check out our new all exclusive Strings playlist! Update on our Drama OSTs playlist of all those songs that you can relate to while watching the series and have stuck in your head for the rest of the night.
Hot new RnB track by JOFU, the third in Forever South’s #Hotcues series: ‘Freed‘. Swag level tou up ho jaye ga boys and girls, but Pakistani parental advisory is needed or else brace yourself for  jootiyon ki barish with a background rap of galiyan by the ‘rents.
Also bringing you a weekly cosmos of elegant, funky, genre-defying sounds, one song at a time – check out Revultion by Tollcrane. Sometimes you need the beat to take you to another dimension when the voices in your head get too loud.

(Zyada deep honay ke liye maazrat).

Zara ghaur se suniye ga, aap ke liye pesh hai khushkhabri jis ko sun kar aap humein ‘aik pappi idhar aur aik pappi udhar’ zaroor daina chahein ge. Here at Patari, we’re all about equality. Karachi kids, our gig revolution started from Lahore and is now coming your way. Patari is proud to announce its collaboration with Red Vault: being the first of its kind in Pakistan, Red Vault aims to provide digital and physical space with state of the art musical equipments, live recordings and a house band for aspiring artists, musicians & change agents. 

The first gig is happening this weekend, on the 12th of November. Performing artist Alycia Dias needs no introduction: with so many drama OSTs, live performances and a Coke Studio appearance up her sleeve, she has already made a niche for herself. With super hit tracks like Dil-e-Muztar, Kankar, and a recently released single called ‘Sahara’ she keeps getting better and better. Since it’s the season of giving, we have a surprise for all Patari users who have the app in their phones. So come one, come all. The more the merrier!

For event details: Alycia Dias live at Red Vault. 

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Our homepage this week features:

Preacher – a new track by Poor Rich Boys
 Freed – JOFU.
Top New Drama OSTs.
 Best of Strings.
 Iqbal Day Playlist.

Haftanama Patari


 Lambi saans le ke parhna shuro karein, iss bar ke Haftanama mein boht sari baatein karni hain aap se. This week, it’s strictly about music. We love Noori and it seems you do too, if our stats are anything to go by. Yeh Zindagi, due to popular demand is still on our homepage and going strong.

Bored with the old stuff? Our Top New Releases playlist has been updated for you, nazar daalein zara. The Film OSTs playlist caters to all our Lailas and Majnus, so if you’re sad or happy or somewhere in between, please go see a doctor and also listen to this playlist.

If you love Pakistani Rock, Co-VEN is the band for you with a mix of Eastern sensibilities and Western instrumentation: check out The Best of Co-VENEpisode 8 of Patari Picks is where we refine your taste in music with our gentle nudges. Jambro Sessions ka Vol. 1 aap ki khidmat mein haazir. Jambro’s compilation features some of the coolest jam masters from the city of Karachi and offers a great insight into the vibrant music community of Pakistan.

Janoobi Khargosh – Live at True Brew!IMG_1822

Lahore sirf dou cheezon ke liye mashhoor hai: ek khana aur doosra jalsay. Are you sick of being labelled fat or politically tedious or both? Gone are the days where you could Google or Facebook search your next target, sorry matlab prospective girlfriend or boyfriend on a jalsa. Gigs are the new it place to find love… Think of us as your very own cupids.

A huge shout out to all our jigars who joined us and True Brew Records on Friday and Saturday to attend Janoobi Khargosh‘s live performance. All those who missed out on making their weekend amazing, dil chota na karein, abhi tou shuruaat hui hai. For next time, stay tuned to our social media pages for more gig updates, let  your inner Lahori out, invite your friends and make every weekend fun. Okay? Okay.

Hotcues – Forever South

Patari’s doodh jalebi awesomeness just intensified as our favourite indie-electronic label Forever South launches their Hotcues series on Patari. An ode to the world class music being produced in Pakistan, Forever South is starting its #HotCues series with a roster of super talented, immensely cool musicians! Check out featured artist Tollcrane’s track here:Revultion.

Hotcues, Forever South.
Yeh Zindagi, Noori.
Top New Releases.
Top New Film OSTs.
Best of Co-VEN.
Reshma, Showcase South Asia.
Patari Picks, Ep. 8.
Jambro Sessions, Vol. 1.

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Dhayr sara pyaar,

Team Patari.