Facebook adds Patari as Friend

Patari - Music StoriesToday, all of us at Patari are super excited to announce our partnership with Facebook, for a new initiative called Music Stories. It was a process that took 7 months of technical and legal efforts to ensure that our 100%¬†#MadeInPakistan¬†platform was up to vilayti standards, and much like Mohammad Amir’s bowling, we were. Not only have we managed to legalize Pakistani music, we have done it to international standards!

So now, every time you share a Patari link on Facebook, you’ll see a preview window which will let you listen to the song without leaving Facebook. It’s a huge step for us to be chosen by Facebook (have we said Facebook enough times?) to be their partners in Pakistan, and should be a great way to introduce more people to Pakistani music.

Next time you’re in Palo Alto (Inshallah aap ke aisay khwaab jald pooray hon) and there’s a party at the Zuckerbergs, waltz in and if security tries to hassle you, just take out your Patari app, wave it in their faces and go “Nighat pliz, mei Mark ka/ki personal friend hun”.

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