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Patari - Music StoriesToday, all of us at Patari are super excited to announce our partnership with Facebook, for a new initiative called Music Stories. It was a process that took 7 months of technical and legal efforts to ensure that our 100% #MadeInPakistan platform was up to vilayti standards, and much like Mohammad Amir’s bowling, we were. Not only have we managed to legalize Pakistani music, we have done it to international standards!

So now, every time you share a Patari link on Facebook, you’ll see a preview window which will let you listen to the song without leaving Facebook. It’s a huge step for us to be chosen by Facebook (have we said Facebook enough times?) to be their partners in Pakistan, and should be a great way to introduce more people to Pakistani music.

Next time you’re in Palo Alto (Inshallah aap ke aisay khwaab jald pooray hon) and there’s a party at the Zuckerbergs, waltz in and if security tries to hassle you, just take out your Patari app, wave it in their faces and go “Nighat pliz, mei Mark ka/ki personal friend hun”.

Haftanama Patari


Patari ki jaanib se ahl-e-social media ko Momina ki mangni aur Udaari ki last episode ki mubarakbaad/ condolences. Coke Studio also presented their season finale, which we’d love to hear your feedback about. Zara homepage pe bazar daalein, we’ve created a  CS9 vs Originals playlist along with our own  Patari Picks and  Top New Releases.Hamaray top 3 Cheetay ki taraf se ek khaas Cheeta’s Picks playlist, Udaari ka OST, new singles by the Sindhi artist Ustad Mumtaz Lashari, Nishtar Park ka Kuttay aur Ehl-e-Rock ki nayee EPbhi maujood!

Muntakhib Afsanay
Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 6.24.11 pm

Ismat Chughtai was an eminent Urdu writer from India, known for her indomitable spirit and a fierce feminist ideology. A limited selection of her short stories is available on Patari. Narrated by Fawad Khan, Patari along with  @TheReadersClub bring you the audiobook: Muntakhib Afsanay.

New Episode!
cs tile 4Season Finale 
Coke Studio 9.

New Playlist!
CS vs Originals tile 2CS 9 vs. Original!

Patari Cheetay!

Patari CheetayCheeta’s Picks

Patari Khaas!
11754716_875038412574513_5727720222201880886_oPatari Picks Ep. 6

New Playlist!
top new releasesTop New Release

Drama OST!
udaari tile 6Udaari OST
Hadiqa Kiani Ft. Farhan Saeed.

Sindhi Tracks!
mumtaz lashari tile 7
New Singles  
Ustad Mumtaz Lashari.

New Track!
nishtar park tile 8Kuttay
Nishtar Park.

New EP!ehl e rock tile 9Words of Mass Destruction

desicat i resized

Until the next haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.

Haftanama Patari



Sab Patari walay zara mil ke Mohammad Amir ki shadi mein bhangray daal ke Angelina paabi ke sath afsos karne beth jayen. Iss haftay kya kuch nahi ho raha… Isi vague transition ke sath hum aap ko apnay naye homepage ki taraf le chaltay hain:

Madam jee ki salgirah ki khushi mien unn ki Best Of Playlist‘haazir hai, along with the fantastic bonus tracks that Poor Rich Boy released for their albumCoke Studio bhi sath sath update ho raha hai, and we also have Noori and Ali Azmat’s collab Cornetto Pop Rock track. Hasan Abbas ka Marg-e-Soz-e-Muhabbat, EMI ki Compilation Album aur Atif Farooq ki nayee EP bhi milay gi!

Crack Up the Flavour and Raise the Roost at Nando’s!
Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 8.01.23 pmCrank up the flavour and raise the roost as Nando’s and Patari come together once again to bring you the next wave of talented artists across Pakistan!

Featured Artist: Mooroo
Venue: Nando’s Boat Basin, Karachi
Timing: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016
Token: Rs. 100 & Patari App 
Event link: Crack Up The Flavor and Raise The Roost at Nando’s!

Lahore and Islamabad coming soon!

New Playlist!
noor jehan big tile
Best of Noor Jehan

Patari Exclusive!
PRBWe Are Your Friends (With Bonus Tracks)
Poor Rich Boy.

New Playlist!
new drama tile 3
Top Drama OSTs

New Album!
cs tile 4Episode 6
Coke Studio 9.

New Playlist!

top new releasesTop New Releases

Cornetto Pop Rock!
noori ali a tile 6
Noori & Ali Azmat.

New Track!
hasan abbas tile 7
Hasan Abbas.

New Album!
EMI eid
Compilation Album

New EP!
I-8 tile 9I-8 Mile
Atif Farooq.


desicat i resizedUntil the next haftanam –
Bhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.