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Meray Haseen Hamwatno,

Husn-o-Jamal, Talent-e-film-o-tv, more Husn-o-Jamal, music k paapi aur nayanay, sab is haftay Pakistan k sab say baray award show, Lux Style Awards jeetnay k liay Karachi main dekhay gaye thay. Patari k liay bhi yay awards kafi important thay kyun kay Music ki teen major categories Best Album, Best Song and Best Emerging Talent main kafi saray nominees aur content Patari nay exclusively launch keay thay aur in nominations ki wajah say hamara imaan k Pakistan main aisa kafi music ban rha hay jis k liay awam taras rhay hain per un tak phunch nahi rha, phir taaza ho gya. Anyways, ager ap Lux Awards ki music category winners ko sunana chahtay hain to head over to Patari Lux Winners Playlist.

Coke Studio for the Deaf

Coke Studio has led our music industry for the last 8 years and this year, they are taking it to a whole new level by launching Coke Studio for the deaf. We’ll let you watch the video because it really shows the power of music.
Well done, Coke!

Startup Cup Gup Shup

(Try saying this 5 times)

So, a few months ago, Patari won the Pakistan Startup Cup (remember our shodi team posing with a fat check?). Khair, we then qualified for World Startup Cup and our Boss Shareef is in Washington DC today to present Patari at the event. 7 Startups from 70 countries have been selected and now it’s up to your duain and your ammi ki duain and your hamsai ki…you get the point. DHAIR SARI DUAIN MANGAIN K HAM JEET JAEN. PARTY SCENE ON HO JAYE GA (Hamara only! :p).

Patari Exclusive!3648aa9e-3f48-4f5a-a14a-cbfc3a6e6727



New Drama OST!fa7103d9-5bcc-47ff-9a95-5a94e7263796
Sajjad Ali.

Patari Playlist!Tile 9
Patari Picks

New Playlist!84e4a79a-eb46-4ea1-938f-0a3e54da252c
LSA Winners

New Playlist!64db2fa5-0e11-4fbf-aa04-f56df73c6bf4

 New Releases
Taaza Tareen.

New Playlist!bd2e4451-57d4-4f73-b8df-ea5bbbdf2f2b

July Top 30
Top Charts.

New Track!0922d8f0-8a0b-4b93-8e9f-4f75e54d6b86

New Track!1f88bf2e-d26f-4490-a989-e9df58a053f9

Sheher Ka Sheher


The Arid Zone.

desicat i resizedUntil the next haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar,
Team Patari.

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