What Exactly Did We Lose when Amjad Sabri Was Taken From Us?


Examining the history of qawwali in Pakistan shows us how his loss is more devastating than you think it is.

It is reductive to explain this rich intellectual debate in a few lines, and one must be careful not to ascribe present-day understanding to that time. To the contemporary eye, Aziz Mian’s esoteric poetry and singing style would represent a ‘liberal’ attitude in contrast to the ‘conservative’ views and styles of the Sabri Brothers. However, that would be to misunderstand the context.


The sense of loss for Amjad Sabri was reflected in the fortnightly charts, which saw a surge of Amjad Sabri’s track, as mourning fans turned to his voice.


Three of his songs come in the charts, with ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’ at 3, ‘Mere Khwaja Piya’ at 7 and ‘Ali Kay Saath Hai’ at 13.

Read the full article by Ahmer Naqvi here: Dawn – Amjad Sabri.

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