Azmat V Jaswal: Fight Turning Nasty

Okay, so we are gonna go ahead and admit something that secretly, all of us like, but are too scared to admit.


No matter what kind, what size, what people, what city even what reason, we see a phadda, and we are there enjoying every bit of it as it was the last plate of Nihari at the PM house… wait is Cyber Crime Bill a law yet or not?

Basically, this is all of us in a phadda:

Remember that Phadda in Lahore where two aunties hit each other’s cars and one of them whipped out a phone in all her Jayakant Shikray style and yelled “Oye! Yahan parlor wali gali mein mera phadda hogaya hai, larkay le k puhunch!”

Then remember that phadda between Maulana Hamdullah Khan and Marvi Sirmed where one was loud, obnoxious and shrill, and the other was a woman?


And then there was this phadda between Orya Maqbool Jan and sanity where sanity lost like it was the Semi Final of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 and Orya was Germany and sanity was Brazil.


All in all, we, as a nation, love phadday. So when one of the biggest names in the music industry of Pakistan was found dragging the new musicians all the way from Gawadar to Peshawar, of course, it got the whole nation like:

Ali Azmat’s leaked video caused a lot of stir on the social media. For those who haven’t seen this leaked video yet, beware. Curses, tirchi topis, makhan, nazuk surat-e-haals and sexual innuendos- these things were NOT a part of this leaked video. Yet, it was enough to incite a lot of spark on the social media. Have a look at the leaked video:

Our Junoon’s wonder boy here was heard saying “Aisay hee star koi thora ban jata hai cheekhain maar kay. O bhai ganay bananay partay hain aur phir continuously ganay bananay partay hain”. We are no experts on this, but we are pretty sure this was a dig at Coke Studio 8’s Umair Jaswal featuring song Sammi Meri Waar. But again, this is a total conjecture.

Anyhoooo. Twitter responded like this (only two tweets, we promise):

After this video and nation’s division into TeamAliAzmat and TeamUmairJaswal, Umair Jaswal decided to step up for himself and through his facebook page, give a proper reply. Proper because he said “With all due respect.” See the manners, good boy Umi <3!

Anyways, here is what Umair replied:

Mor Mahal stud gave a very feeble response, asking Ali Azmat to update himself with the latest music and “relevant hojayen.” Even twitter wasn’t too pleased with this reply (these are last 2, we swear!):

Time passed, the hype died. We thought both rockstars must’ve met over a cup of tea, talked things out, maybe went through the tweets and had a good laugh, talked about Turkey’s failed coup. Random things you know.

BUT GUESS WHO IS STILL TRYING TO HAVE THE LAST WORD?! Ali Azmat, that’s who! This time, he replied through a non-leaked, properly released video, not explaining what Hamid Mir did after he was shot, but saying:

So there you have it folks. Two musical giants are at daggers drawn and all we have drawn are some popcorn. But the question is, whom do you support? Do you think new musicians have it easy or do you think Ali Azmat is being harsh on the new talent? Share your views, cause our kitties are confused!

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