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Kya aap bhi hamari tarah shadeed garmi mein kharab hain? Kya aap ki bhi shakal bheegi billi jaisi ban chuki hai? Kya aap bhi AC ke sath sath bijli pe chalna shuro ho gaye hain?

Sab rona ek taraf, Misbah aur boyses ki dhamakaydaar performance ek taraf! Makes us forget all our garmi/bijli/mar gaye woes. Chalein ab 10 push ups laga ke dimagh taza karein, phir yahan dehaan dein. We have important news. Like our new homepage.

If you still haven’t heard Qurram & Komal’s Cornetto Pop Rock revamped ‘Desaan Da Raja‘ with dhinchak dhinchak beats, pls go start your push ups to it NOW. Zaalim samaj, toothy khwaab aur behtay huay mascaras ke soundtracks ki puri playlist milay go aap ko New Drama OSTs mein. Please don’t use it to blackmail your family, thanks. With that, we have a whole list of New Releases plus Zameer’s new album Her.

          Smile, wave and scroll, people.

Dastangoi – A Patari Podcast


Dastangoi, A Patari Podcast, is a collaborative effort of the Dastangoi team (Asaad Lutfi & Iqra Jafri) and Patari. Aiming to revive the mesmerizing tradition of Urdu and Hindi storytelling, season 1 is ‘Azadi’, focused on the partition of India and Pakistan. Dastangoi is based on short stories of Manto and other Pak-India literary geniuses about 1947 and we’ll be featuring new episodes every Thursday. The first episode ‘Khol Do‘ by Manto went live last week.

Kitty Ki Khaas Peshkash

So we asked our lazy team to get off their bums and make a new playlist for you: Patari Picks. It’s basically songs we like that we’re telling you to listen to. In nicer words, ‘a selection of recent releases picked by the Patari editorial team’. They’re awesome songs, go check them out if you want to update your own playlists because we have great taste, okay?

New Playlist!

Tile 1s

Top New Drama OSTs

New Track!
Tile 2

Desaan Da Raja
Qurram & Komal Rizvi.

New Playlist!
Tile 3
Top New Releases

New Album!Tile 4


Ishq Positive OST!
Tile 5

Tujh Bin
Ustad Hamid Ali Khan.

New Film OST!
Tile 6

Abdullah Siddiqui.

Tile 7

Sajjad Ali.

Persian Folk Track!
Tile 8

Age Ya Rooz (Cover)
Ammar Rashid.

New Playlist!
Tile 9

Patari Picks 

                      desicat i resized

Until the next Haftanama –

Dhayr sara pyaar,

Team Patari. 

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