Remembering Sabeen


For Sabeen

We spoke for the last time only hours before she was brutally, senselessly murdered. Like always, she had a million things on her plate, and like always she still managed to make time. Back then, Patari was yet to launch, yet to convince a lot of skeptical people, but Sabeen believed. Not only did she believe, she was one of our principal supporters, showcasing our product at the London-based festival that she was curating.

When I look back at that moment now, the thing that strikes me the most is how ubiquitous my experience, and even Patari’s experience was with Sabeen. In the decade or so that I knew her, I met scores of people who she had mentored, nurtured and trained and who are now successful in a vast range of fields. Activists, writers, journalists, poets, musicians, dancers, filmmakers – so much of Karachi’s cultural scene was built by people who were there because of her.   That was perhaps the most profound thing that the murderer took from us; not just a wonderful person, but a source of hope, a pillar of inspiration and someone who transcended our myriad little scenes and brought them all together. Sabeen was one of those invisible cogs that entire societies revolve around, the force of her personality setting entire planets in motion.

This week’s homepage tribute to Sabeen features four playlists that she had commissioned from us. They provide a window into her vivacious, brilliant personality and her innate sense of fun. And much as the heart breaks for her not being here, we feel this is the best way we could remember her. Someone who brought us joy, delight and laughter.

– Ahmer Naqvi.



Jazbati Playlist



Sharabi Playlist



Rangeen Playlist



Badtameez Playlist


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