32nd Haftanama Patari

When tragedies like these hit, it’s all we can do not to buckle and wilt under the breathtaking assault on our country, our people – most of all, our children. Senseless loss, senseless blood spilled and for what? We’ll condemn these attacks on social media endlessly but to what purpose? Some days, it feels like we have nothing left to live for.

On days like these, there’s only one way forward: honor the precious lives lost. Acknowledge, mourn, remember and keep making it through because that is the sole means of survival sometimes. Call it resilience, call it denial, call it plain old stubbornness – it’s necessary. Pakistan has been at war with terrorism for years now, and no matter how chaotic, ugly, brutally cruel this war gets – we have a purpose: to stand united against it, to honor those we lost and to #NeverForget.

Let us pray for those dearly departed souls, and let us remember them by living truly, living honestly and living with love.

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