32nd Haftanama Patari

When tragedies like these hit, it’s all we can do not to buckle and wilt under the breathtaking assault on our country, our people – most of all, our children. Senseless loss, senseless blood spilled and for what? We’ll condemn these attacks on social media endlessly but to what purpose? Some days, it feels like we have nothing left to live for.

On days like these, there’s only one way forward: honor the precious lives lost. Acknowledge, mourn, remember and keep making it through because that is the sole means of survival sometimes. Call it resilience, call it denial, call it plain old stubbornness – it’s necessary. Pakistan has been at war with terrorism for years now, and no matter how chaotic, ugly, brutally cruel this war gets – we have a purpose: to stand united against it, to honor those we lost and to #NeverForget.

Let us pray for those dearly departed souls, and let us remember them by living truly, living honestly and living with love.

31st Haftanama Patari


How are youz?
Wednesday Bluez?
India se I-have-lost-count WC mein lose-nay bluez?
Happy Pakistan Day to you tooz!
This is getting lame, right?

Koi nahi, hamara bhi yahi haal hai. Haftanama likhnay ka maza hi nahi aa raha. So let’s get all the important stuff out there first.

Garma Garam, Malai Maar Ke Naya

Jal is re-releasing the song ‘Tere Baajon‘ this week.
Wo qoumi taranay walay Shafqat Amanat Ali hain na, jee wohi Mitwa walay. Unn ka aik adad soulful naya track, ‘Yari’ from Bachaana’s OST is out this week too.

Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto Bhai Bhai.

Remember our Regionals section? We’re featuring a song that kind of sums up the entire section in one song: a mashup of 5 regional languages by Irfan Ally Iab. Try guessing the languages from this song and let us know at @patarimusic.


We mentioned this in our last Haftanama about Patari fulfilling its own promise of starting gigs to revive the 90s wala music scene in Pakistan. We didn’t best fraandship you then but we’re doing it now. So who’s performing? The amazing, akheer shugal (AKA tafreeh, for those samandar paas Pakistanis) Punjabi blues band, East Side Story.

When is it? Tomorrow, 7:30pm.
Where is it? Nando’s Gulberg, Lahore.
What are we doing? Attending this, obviously.
What are you doing? Attending this, obviously.

Ticket: Rs. 100 + Patari app.
Why are y…yaar Kohli out kyun nahi hota? *drowns in own tears*

P.S. Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/206278349734755/

Try Something, Encore!


Singles – East Side Story.

New Album!


Episode 5Nescafe Basement 4.

New Track!


Yari (Shafqat Amanat Ali) – Bachaana OST.

Featured Playlist!


Naya Pakistan

New Track!


Tu NeyAli Aftab Saeed.

Featured Track!


Tere BaajonJal The Band.

Featured Track!


Sounds Of Pluralism (G.B.C) – Irfan Ally Iab.

New Track!


Pasha – Abdullah Aslam.

New Track!


Vaari Jaavaan – Nouman Khalid.

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Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

30th Haftanama Patari



“How You Doin’?” – Haji Joey Tribbiani

We are the backs, after right short break jaanis!

Meray aziz humwatno, russ to nahi gaye? Hum ma’azrat chahtay hain ke hum bataye beghair chalay gaye. Ainda aisi ghalti say gureiz kerain gey but wo kia hai ke “technical issues” humein aik dosray sey duur rakhnay ki koshish kertay hain aur kabhi kabhi baazi jeet jatay hain. But tension not, we’re back now, with a bang. A few bangs, actually!

“Yaar Chup Ker Ja, Gana Sunnay Dey” – Every Noori Fan

Noori released their once-in-a-decade hit this week: ‘Yaariyan‘, a collaboration between Noori, Hari and Sukhmani. Whattay song! Whattay lyrics! And as is always the case with Noori on Patari, stats ka wehshi scene ho gaya hai. Top plays, top shares and top favs. It’s already in our queue at our office with another gem… (stay here, channel na badlein pls).

Teri Ay – Umer Farooq

Remember Patang? Of course you do! We know it because it’s still in our top 20 most played songs every single week. Anyway, Umer Farooq of Patang fame is back with a haseen song, ‘Teri Ay‘. It’s competing with Noori’s ‘Yaariyan’ on stats and is also… on repeat. Yes. Just 2 songs. On repeat.

Nescafe Basement 4

Xulfi’s gang is back after a week long break. They deserved it after ‘Love Me Again‘ and now have an audacious take on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s stone cold legend, Gorakh Dhanda. While no one can even come close to the Shehnshah of Qawali, NB’s take is probably one of the best we’ve heard.

Hello Parmeen, Why So Salty?

Legend Abrar-ul-Haq, resident of Billo’s house, just released an electronic mashup of his songs. It’s very yo Billo/Parveen/Parmeen type scene.

Alpha, Beta, Charlie


Ye check kerain. Ayyeeenn hayyeeeinn scene on hai. Our most asked for feature is almost here. We are starting beta trials for offline mode very soon. Stay tuned!

#WT20 – Jeet

Hamaray dil sey khailnay ka mausam aa gaya hai. Yes, we’re talking about the T20 World Cup. Team Afridi ke liye dhair sari duaonn (gaalian baad mein please) sey pehlay check out ‘Jeet, WT20 song for the team by Ali Ashraf.

Patari Gig

One of the things we promised ourselves was to bring back concerts and gigs like they used to happen back in the 90’s. Asal music scene to wohi hota hai! So – we’re very proud to announce our gigs series: these will be held every few weeks, in different locations, with different bands. Our first gig’s info:

Location: Nando’s Gulberg, Lahore.

Date/Time: March 24th, starts at 7:30 p.m.

Ticket: Rs. 100 + Patari app.

Artist: Sab abhi bata dein, best friend bana lein? Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details about the gig!


Patari Exclusive!

1 - Yariyaan

YariyaanNoori Ft. Hari & Sukhmani.

New Track!


Teri AyUmer Farooq.

New Track!


Gorak DhandaNescafe Basement 4.

New Track!



Patari Exclusive!


Kya Karoon?!Cheemgadar.

New Track!


Jeet (WT20)Ali Ashraf.

New Track!


Track for a FilmSikandar Ka Mandar.

New Track!


ChandaNa Maloom Afraad.

New Album!


Nai JeenaSibt-e-Haider.

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Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.