29th Haftanama Patari


XULFI BOYS ARE BACK! ​*running around in circles*​

Pakistan aur uss ke muzafat mein Nescafe Basement Season 4 ka waqt hua chahta hai. Basement is here, with another wehshi season, starting with “Tere Jeya Hor Disda” and “Jadu Ka Chiragh“. Utter brilliance. We don’t know how they do it but whatever they’ve done with Tere Jeya is intoxicating and from our stats, people can’t stop listening to it. It came out a day before V-day so kafi logon ke bae ke sath kafi points bhi ban gaye thay.

P.S. We use ‘boys’ as a gender neutral term huehue.

“They Can’t Stop To People Love” – Malka-e-WTF Qandeel Baloch

In case you missed it, our pyaray prez, Mamnoon Hussain said Ishq-e-Mamnoon (Valentine’s Day) shouldn’t be celebrated because it’s “not part of our tradition”. This statement enraged a lot of people and everyone responded in their own way but the best argument was by our Malka-e-WTF who said in her vlog “They can’t stop to people love”. As soon as we watched the video, we were convinced and decided to put out a Valentine’s Day Playlist to help people to love people. But since Patari is a platform for everyone, we also put an Anti-Valentine’s Playlist for those who want to stop to people love. Check them out if you’re still drooling over bae or sad-ing over your single life.

Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat Meray Mehboob Na Maang – Faiz Ahmad Faiz

This is what I texted bae on V-day when she asked about chocolates that I forgot to buy because everyone knows that pehli si muhabbat = chocolates. Thank you Uncle Faiz for penning this beauty. This week was also Faiz’s birthday (Feb 13) and we are celebrating it with Osman Raja’s ‘Hum Dekhain Gay‘, another gem by Faiz. (No, you can’t send this to the girl who said no to being your valentine).

Malang-e-Azam is the Backs!

Malang-e-Azam is back. Yassss. We’re talking about Asrar, who just released his new song “Malango”. Time to ​Mast Hua​​ in Malango?

600 Saal

E-Sharp is releasing a new album, ‘600 Saal’. (No, this isn’t a tribute to Qaim Ali Shah). After a highly successful debut album, BYJ, they are back with another big one. The first track, ‘Do Lafz‘, is up on Patari. Check it out!

New Album!


Nescafe Basement Season 4Nescafe Basement.

Patari Exclusive!


LamhaySyed Yorguc Tipu Sharif.

New Track!



Patari Exclusive!


Do Lafz E Sharp.

New Track!


Dosti Wala GanaSoch.

New Track!


Mahi MeraAli Sethi.

New Track!


Dil Ki Baatein (Piano Version)21 The Band.

Patari Exclusive!


NakhreyZURB The Band.

Faiz Special!


Hum Dekhain GayOsman Raja Band.

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Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

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