27th Haftanama Patari!

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Dear, Yahan Dekhein Pls.

Lots and lots of new stuff coming your way! Naya homepage to hai he, but two super awesome things coming up that have us really excited:

  1. Naseer & Shahab’s new track releasing this weekend.
  2. The D/A Method‘s live gig! For further details, check out our Facebook page or Salt Art’s.

Bird Under Water

For Patari employees, there’s a high five moment when we upload and release an artist we love. It was sometime in 2011, when a member of qaum-e-Patari went to attend an Arooj Aftab concert and fell in love with Mann Kunto Maula. One of the most mesmerizing voices you’ll ever hear, Arooj makes you bae her music from the very first moment. iphone 5s remplacement écran It’s so soothing, we can’t find words to explain it. We’ll just call it Arooj Aftab’s magic. Check out the magic album here.

Queen Noor

Speaking of magic and soothing voices, Nayyara Noor’s compilation album is out this week. Let the queen take you down memory lane, with her rass gullay jaisi meethi awaaz.

Espresso Lounges

What’s it like to sit with bae at Espresso Lounge and talk about Sufis and Philanthropy? It’s Very Sexy. Don’t believe us? Sun lain.

Attention, QB Lovers Association (AKA Everybody)

QB is back with a bang. Whattay song. Whattay OST. We released the mini-version last week, but we now have the full version of Mann Mayal’s OST. You’re welcome!


Featuring Album!


Bird Under WaterArooj Aftab.

New Track!


Sehra Main Safar OSTShuja Haider.

New Track!


Bol (Acoustic Live) – The Sketches.

Patari Production!


Patari Aslis – Volume1.

New Track!


Very Sexy – Shorbanoor.

New Track!

6 sws

Anday Wala Burger – SomeWhatSuper.

Compilation Album!


Showcase South Asia (Vol. 6) – Nayyara Noor.

New Track!


usəd tø – Block-2.

New Track!


Robin Williams – Hasan Abbas.



Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

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