Zahra Salahuddin interviews Babar Sheikh from Dusk

Great profile of the metal band in Dawn:

When it comes to heavy metal or extreme music, the ’90s were a special time as a lot was changing, Babar recalls. While mainstream bands ranging from Iron Maiden to Judas Priest existed, at the same time there was an underground metal scene erupting the world over — including in Pakistan.

The article is written on the occasion of the release of Dusk’s latest single, which itself is commemoration of the band’s 20th Anniversary:

The band’s links to Karachi’s music scene are extremely diverse. Both in terms of the number of Karachi’s stalwarts that have played with the band, and the number of acts the band’s members have been involved in.

Quite special also are the band’s collaborations with other metal acts from across the world, releasing records together with bands from Singapore, India & Japan.

In all of this lies a deep love for metal. Often at the fringes of most musical tastes, what is heartwarming about metal in Dusk’s case is not just whether it makes for easy listening all the time, but that it is played with such love. You get a sense of the band’s connection with the music when you listen to Babar Sheikh talk to Patari about the band and about the context in which they played:

If you’re new to Dusk, like me, you can get a feel for their music using our new Popular Tracks feature on Dusk’s page.

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