26th Haftanama Patari!



La·hore (lə-hôr′): A city of Pakistan Deep Freezer.

Yaad mein teri jahan ko, bhoolta jata hun mein

Bhoolnay walay kabhi, tujh ko bhi yaad ata hun mein?*

*We dedicate this Haftanama to the one thing that’s helping us keep it together aaj kal: razayee <3 saray romantic ganay, pyaar bharay dialogue aur roti ankhein inn ke liye. As someone on Twitter put it: “boht ThanDi par ri suna hai Pak mein…???”


Patari Podcast.

Modern zamanay wala RJ. Check out the second podcast with Salman Ahmed where Patari talks to him about the new song – which is a collaboration with Peter Gabriel and also part of the soundtrack for a movie. Thori juggtein bhi lagti hain, yahan wahan.

Abhi To Humein Aur Zaleel Hona Hai

Cricket ke halaat dekh ke we’re thinking of going back to supporting hockey. Even squash. Badminton? Gulli Danda? Baraf Paani? Kuch to acha kheltay hon ge. Like we mentioned on our Twitter account: Iss zalaalat ke liye to koi ganay bhi nahi hain. Per agar phir bhi dil jalanay ka shauk rakhtay hain, to do check out Pace Is Pace Yaar podcast. Kash aap ki ye khwaari koi rang laye.

Muntakhib Afsanay

Ismat Chughtai, the grand dame of Urdu fiction, was renowned for her writings on feminist politics, evolving conflicts in the Muslim world, and taboo subjects no one else would touch with a ten-foot pole (kafi badass scene hai). Ismat was one of the most revolutionary writers of her time, and her work is considered monumentally groundbreaking by the literary world. Patari is very proud to be exclusively bringing her audiobook to you, narrated by Fawad Khan. There’s a lot more where this came from, so keep checking back!


Patari Exclusive!


Open Your Eyes – Junoon Ft. Peter Gabriel.



Muntakhib Afsanay – Ismat Chughtai.

New Track!


Mann Mayal OST – QB Ft. Shuja Haider.

Patari Production!

Patari Aslis – Volume1.

Patari Podcast!

Dreaming of Junoon (Ep. 2) – Junoon.

Patari Exclusive!


Aksar – AAA.

New Track!


Meine Tujhe Chun Liya – Beenish Pervaiz.

Featured Track!


Crazy  Zameer.

New Track!


Bhulao Na – Sumair & Royal.


Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

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