25th Haftanama Patari!



Sehr Pikheyr!

“Patari motorway per nahi chalti.”

Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri,
Save offline ka feature ho Patari mein khudaya meri.

So, one of the most asked for features is finally on its way. Boss said… something to do with offline mode. He also said the zalim internet and samaaj will soon stop getting in the way of you and your Patari. So soon, we’ll be your humsafar aur hum se aap ki hamnawai ho gi. #AyyynnnHayyyeeennn *wink wink*


Album, Album Kardi Mein!

Yes, ANOTHER album.

There’s a whole new Aamir Zaki album right in front on our homepage; all the songs are brand new, previously unreleased, patakha guddi dhamakaydaar, fresh from the oven, etc. As in exclusive release. Check them out!

Junooni Khwaab.

In the early 90s, Salman Ahmed had not yet founded Junoon, and was not yet the legend he would go on to become. Instead, he was a musician who had just left the country’s biggest band, and was searching for a future  and his own sound. It was then that one of his peers, a certain Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, got him in touch with his uncle, the maestro himself – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This podcast tells that story, and captures the era of the early 90s with some stories that never made it out of that time. What it meant to be a professional musicain who wasn’t from a gharana but the gully instead.

Kyunke hum sara waqt Twitter aur FB pe farigh bethay rehtay hain, all we can think of to write here is Ayesha Sana’s now famous BRIGHT KAREIN ISSAY. KAREIN. KAREIN. KAREIN! Kar liya? Ab friendly reminder that we have apps on both iOS and Android. Pls don’t gaali because we don’t have an app on Windows, uss mein hamara koi kasuur nahi okay.


Patari Exclusive!

New Singles – Aamir Zaki.

New Track!

Karachi Kings PSL Anthem – Ali Azmat.

New Track!

Rishton Ki Dor (OST) – Kashif Ali.

Patari Production!

Patari Aslis – Volume1.

Patari Podcast!

Dreaming of Junoon – Junoon.

Compilation Album!

Runa Laila – Showcase South Asia.

New Track!

Muntazir – Young Stunners.

New Track!

Paperchase  Kakes.

New Tracks!

New Singles – Block-2.


Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

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