20th Haftanama Patari.


On days like these, when we relive the tragedies that afflicted us, we often berate ourselves. We say we haven’t learnt anything and we fear that things will get worse, and we are often right to say these things. But maybe such an approach is also selfish, because it ends up ignoring the sacrifices of those we are meant to remember and we end up focusing on ourselves.

One great way to honour the young, precious lives of the APS attack is to realize that we are alive, that we exist together, that we care for what we lost. It’s important to remember that even getting through the days can be difficult, and each of us that makes it through each day deserves to take pride in it. It is important to remember that even if there is so much around us that causes distress,  the ability to feel that pain is still a worthy one to have.

The tragedy of the APS attack – the shock of its nature and the innocence of its victims – crystallized the intense agony and chaos that we have seen as a nation in a decade of war. It reminded us of just how terrible and wretched the situation had gotten, and of what a genuinely cruel world we live in. But it also gave us a purpose, a resolve. Even if we didn’t realize it, many of us knew that we couldn’t go on unless we honor the victims of this tragedy, and by extension each one before it; it was a day which changed a country that had already seen so many changes. But most importantly, it was a day where life asked all it could of Pakistan. The fact that we stand here today, together and able to remember our greatest tragedy, is not something we can take for granted.

Let us pray for those dearly departed souls, and let us honor them by living truly, living honestly and living with love.


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Poocho Na – Assad Hasanain.

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Ibn-e-Qaabeel – Sarkash.

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Zinda Hai – Azal.

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Mujhe Dushman Ke Bachon Ko Parhana Hai – ISPR.

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Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai – ISPR.

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Aasman Tham GayaFaizal Shakeel.

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Hum Na Bhoolay Hain – AZ  (The Band).

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Khoon – Topi Drama.

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Zabaan – Saad Follows.



Until the next Haftanama – Dhayr sara pyar,

Team Patari.

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